TheraTherm Standard Size
14 x 27 (36 cm x 68 cm)

TheraTherm Standard Size<br>14 x 27 (36 cm x 68 cm)
Item# theratherm1427

The Best Choice in Home Moist Heat Therapy

Designed for the convenience of home use. The digital moist heating pad provides temporary relief from pain associated with muscle spasm and inflammation caused by strain and tension.
It is easier to use than the other electric heating pads on the market due to its unique digital hand control. Most competitive units
require continuous contact with a spring-loaded switch to generate and maintain heat from the pad.

Digital hand control allows operator to program, as well as monitor, the temperature and treatment time.
Lockout mode protects against inconsistent changing of the control settings throughout treatment.
Allows patient to relax and enjoy therapy without the hassle of maintaining contact with a hand held switch.
Therapeutic treatment temperature between 88° and 166° F.
Treatment time between 1 to 60 minutes.
Specially designed flannel cover.