Thermophore Electric Heat Pack 14 X 27

Thermophore Electric Heat Pack 14 X 27
Item# Therm1427

The Battle Creek Thermophore Automatic Moist Heating Pad / Pack electric fomentation unit was developed to conveniently provide moist fomentation treatments whenever moist heat is indicated. The Thermophore Hot Pack has a special tightly-woven flannel cover which retains moisture from the air. When the unit is turned on, the surge of heat into the cover moves the moisture from the heated flannel to the cooler body tissue.The most effective way to use moist heat is by applying a short treatment at a high temperature, then allowing the body to return to normal temperature, and then repeating the process. These treatments are very relaxing and the user may fall asleep. If this occurs, the momentary switch snaps off as the user's finger relaxes and the unit immediately cools down, preventing burns.The momentary switch is the safest way to deliver high temperature. High temperature and moisture is what makes the Thermophore Hot Pack effective. Penetrating moist heat dilates the blood vessels, increasing circulation and creating blood flow. This takes away waste and toxins which may have settled in the injured area and brings new healing blood cells to the tissue.Moist heat therapy is a means to temporarily relieve pain derived from arthritis, bursitis, back aches and muscle spasms. This product also aids in the treatment of colds with congestion and sinus conditions. Many women find monthly cramps can be lessened with the use of a Thermophore unit placed across their abdomen.

Additional Information

Product Size/Type:    Large / Standard

Product Dimensions:    14 inches X 27 inches

Recommendations -
   15 to 20 minutes at a time

Indications:    * Arthritis or Rheumatism
* Chronic back or neck pain
* Fibromyalgia
* Muscle spasms
* Sports injuries (after the acute phase)
* Strained muscles or ligament

Features:    Because of its large size, the Standard can be applied to larger areas of the body, including the entire spine, both shoulders, and the legs. Versatility makes this the most popular size.

Manual switch for safety.

Warnings:    Danger: Carefully examine before each use. Discard unit if shows signs of deterioration. Follow instructions packed with unit. Do not use on infants, persons with poor circulation or insensitive skin. Persons with diabetes should be especially careful applying heat. Check skin frequently to avoid burns. Temperature is sufficiently intense to cause burns. Use no pins. Do not wet.

Directions:    To be comfortable, place a pillow under your ankles. If your chest is slightly hunched you may be more comfortable with a pillow under it. If you are sway backed you may prefer a pillow under your stomach.

Included:    Flannel Cover

Max Temperature:    180 Degrees Fahrenheit

Electrical Specs:    120 Volts; 200 Watts - 60 HZ A.C. - Cord is 6' in length

Warranty:    Full One Year Warranty for the first year after original purchase, Battle Creek will repair or replace this product free of charge to the owner if it has a manufacturing defect, or if in use as described by our labels and brochures does not perform as stated.