Just a Drop Toilet Odor Neutalizer - Free Shipping

Just a Drop Toilet Odor Neutalizer - Free Shipping
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It's Back!  The Just'a Drop Squeeze Bottle

New & Improved Packaging!

Finally!  A solution to one of life's embarrassing problems.  Do you live in tight quarters?  Share a bathroom? Having intestinal difficulties?  Do you have frequent overnight guests?  Dread using the bathroom after a family member?  THIS PRODUCT IS FOR YOU!  Just'a Drop PREVENTS odor from getting into the air.  Forget cover up air fresheners.  You have got to try this!

Just one drop of Just'a Drop in the toilet bowl, before you take a seat, creates a deodorizing layer on the water surface.  Just'a Drop is effective in trapping and eliminating up to 98% of embarrassing personal bathroom odors BEFORE they escape into the air. 

Just'a Drop is a highly concentrated plant extract that is safe to use in any toilet, home, office, camper...Safe for septic systems, portable toilets, etc...

No more need for expensive air fresheners to mask odors.  Over 400 uses per bottle

Seen on the "The Big Idea" with Danny Deutsch